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A Loveletter to , a Thread 🧵:

I started playing minecraft a little over 8 years ago, on PlayStation, with its epic Starter Map.
It took me a few more years before I really started playing it. Since 2019 I‘m pretty much playing it daily. I‘m watching multiple different Minecraft content creators, events and what not almost daily.
This game is old, it celebrated its 10th birthday just a few years ago. And today it’s still the most

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Hi! I’m voidedmain or void, they/she 💕

I’m not new to the fediverse, but I created this instance because I love and I wish to see the Minecraft/#Minetest community to flourish on here too :>

I will predominately post about everything Minecraft!
No matter the version, gamemode, mod, community, you name it. as long as it’s appropriate and isn’t hateful <3

What exactly do I play?

Da viele von euch Minecraft Bedrock noch nie gesehen haben: ich setze das ganze so auf, dass wir uns auch das Menü anschauen. Damit ihr wirklich einen Blick darauf bekommt wie anders es von der Java Edition ist ☺️

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ich glaube heute streame ich ? :>

I‘m not raiding people for my own visibility. I‘m raiding them because I love their content and I want my viewers to have something to watch which I hope they’re going to like.

but cubfan135 thanking me for the raid?! OMG I‘m hyperventilating so hard rn 😭🥺


hi du :> heute gehen wir end raiden mit lance! ich hab so angst :< komm doch vorbei, wenn du spaß magst <3

hier gehts zum Stream:

placed 11th in an ace race practice round for

being better than , and

this is so huge because he’s the clumsiest player I know and since joining mcc he learned so much and is such a threat now to other players! I love to see it and can’t wait what he’s going to pull off in the future! ✨

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We are going to set up a #Minecraft Forge server, which of these modpacks would you prefer to be implemented?

Don't hesitate to suggest others modpacks or single mods in the comments.

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antvenom sharing the enthusiasm about minecraft history ☺️

parents who can’t handle their kids 🤝 mojang dev team

“our baby is terrifying”

they now need to make clear what features are going to be added in future updates just because people were sad about the birch concept art lol

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