Hi! I’m voidedmain or void, they/she 💕

I’m not new to the fediverse, but I created this instance because I love and I wish to see the Minecraft/#Minetest community to flourish on here too :>

I will predominately post about everything Minecraft!
No matter the version, gamemode, mod, community, you name it. as long as it’s appropriate and isn’t hateful <3

What exactly do I play?

I play mostly Java Edition, with at least vanilla+ mods, which means I don’t often play full vanilla gameplay. I did play almost every other type of Minecraft game, except Education, PE and Minetest.

I‘m mostly the adventurous type of player, but building/terraforming is something I like as well! building up farms I copy from more more technical gamers is something I love to do too, until I understand redstone for myself someday.

What do I do?

I‘m streaming Content in German on , and I‘m the German speaking host of the Minecraft „Podsol Podcast“.

I‘m also part of a Minecraft SMP called FancyCraft with German speaking content creators, which is also my main streaming content atm.

What is this instance about?

It’s all about ! Everyone who plays, does art, makes content - whatever about Minecraft is welcome here!

Currently new users need to be accepted by me before entering the instance, since I‘m the only one moderating it atm. 💕

I‘m searching for people who want to create a fun, informative and creative space around minecraft on the fediverse! Please DM me if you’re interested to help moderate this instance <3

Hm, I only have Minecraft for WiiU and Minetest.

But to be honest, I still haven't understood the game.

Yeah, crafting etc. Okay. But not about those redstone I hear about (never saw it in-game) or anything nether.

I hope I'm still allowed to lurk.

I heard, Minecraft is popular with youth and they learn some basic programming this way (I'd use Python instead of Java, but okay).

@RyunoKi yes yes! lurking is encouraged, especially if you would like to learn something :>

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English and German (for now) speaking non-official Minecraft & Minetest instance. For everyone who plays Minecraft, this instance is a mast!