A Loveletter to , a Thread 🧵:

I started playing minecraft a little over 8 years ago, on PlayStation, with its epic Starter Map.
It took me a few more years before I really started playing it. Since 2019 I‘m pretty much playing it daily. I‘m watching multiple different Minecraft content creators, events and what not almost daily.
This game is old, it celebrated its 10th birthday just a few years ago. And today it’s still the most

downloaded game ever + it has million active users per day and lists in the top ten of most streamed games on twitch.

but what makes Minecraft so popular? there’s this one quote I love, which I think describes the game perfectly:
„Minecraft is a bit like The Matrix: you can be told what it is, but ultimately you really have to experience it for yourself.“ (from unknown)

Minecraft is what you want it to be. It is creative, it is adventurous, it is technical, it is a challenge. It’s chill, and it’s funny, it’s dangerous, but it’s also a safe space.
You can play how it’s intended to be played, but no one will stop you from creating whatever your brain comes up with.

You can build, but you can also just try to survive. You can create technical contraptions, or just terraform the whole world. You can look out for bugs and invent new ways of obtaining materials, or you can just make your perfect little cottage house with all your sheep and cows, dogs and cats, pigs and chickens, llamas and foxes & live a beautifully curated farm life 💕

I love Minecraft bc it’s a game for almost everyone. Its blocky appearance makes it timeless & especially the modding scene is highly popular and really like an essential part of the game.

It’s a community driven project, where the devs work together with the players to only ship out great updates. every update is made in cooperation with community feedback. People can also vote for mobs to be added to the game.

✨ Minecraft my beloved ✨

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