all I want is a friend to match my enthusiasm about minecraft

I wanna nerd out about EVERYTHING
I want to learn new stuff! (yes there’s still things I can learn about)

there’s nothing about minecraft I don’t have interest in

talk to me! *looks intensely*

@voidedmain I have been thinking about making a mod that uses live coding music libraries in order to generate context dependent music.

I keep thinking about having a few people pick an instrument, and having all of them play a battle song when near each other during PVP.

@TakeV omg! that actually is a wonderful idea :D how would one win?

@voidedmain I do not think it handles winning or anything. Just creates a unique soundtrack for your situation at all times. :D

@TakeV I see! that’s even better tbf :> do you do mods in general or is that like your first project idea? and where can I follow you best to keep in touch for future updates on any possible mod of yours? :>

@voidedmain I have not actually made any mods before, nor do I have a place to follow ATM. So, it would be the very first thing I make.
I started off by embedding a clojure REPL into Minecraft (Using Fabric), and I have been trying to learn the music libraries.
But I will totally send you a message when I have my first proof of concept ready!
Love Minecraft, been playing it since before survival was added. :3

@TakeV can I follow you on here then? :>

that’s cool! I sadly haven’t played before version 1.11 or 1.12, so everything related to early game mechanic is stuff I don’t really know much about :3 but I‘m still loving it a lot and have been playing almost daily for years now!

@voidedmain If you would like, but I do not normally post much about Minecraft or anything, and the project is still in the pre-planning phase.
Though I have been considering spinning up a server for this instance.

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